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Kunzite crystal healing meaning

Is your heart hurting? Kunzite crystals can help you heal and restore your natural sense of love and peace. Kunzite is a stone of Divine Love, which is the ocean of love we are all swimming in but often are unable to feel. Kunzite helps you reconnect with that endless source of love so you feel loved no matter what.

Our hearts are the parts of us that are always in connection with our true, authentic self, and with the abundance of love available in the Universe. The feeling of Divine Love is a pervasive sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and simple contentment. There is nothing to do and nowhere to get to because everything is already OK and you are exactly who you are meant to be and where you are meant to be. All is well. This feeling of Divine Love is a big contrast to our normal mode of busy-ness and striving.

Connecting to Divine Love helps us relax into a sense of ease in which we know our daily efforts are not what makes us valuable. We have an inherent value that can never diminish or change. The benefit of kunzite is to remind us of this truth, so we can relax. Resting in the knowledge of who we really are frees up an ocean of energy to do what brings us joy, rather than trying to earn a sense of belonging.

Kunzite can also help if you are unsure what brings you joy or what direction to go in. The whisper of your heart can be hard to hear—holding a kunzite crystal in quiet meditation can help you sink into your heart and let it speak to you. It is naturally pale, but can be heat-treated to deepen its color. It is named after George Kunz, who discovered it in I'm Emma. The magic is inside you. Stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter: Email Address I use MailChimp, which makes it easy to unsubscribe at any time.

I will never share your email with anyone! Healing Properties of Kunzite Crystals Top 3 Benefits of Kunzite Restore your innate connection to Divine Love Helps you release heartbreak and open to unconditional love Deep relaxation from feeling peace in your heart.

You might also enjoy Heart Chakra. I use MailChimp, which makes it easy to unsubscribe at any time. More info. This is a great little introduction to crystal healing and where I learned how to do body layouts. It's very down to earth and easy to follow. Buy Now. This is the most comprehensive book of meanings out there and a book I return to again and again.

The two author's perspectives on each stone helps you see common properties while also seeing how everyone has a unique relationship with each stone.

Not sure which crystal is right for you? Take our quiz! Email Address.Kunzite is a fairly young gemstone and was only discovered in by gemstone specialist and jeweler George Frederick Kunz. Kunzite is of the pink Spodumene variety. Kunzite gets its beautiful lilac-pink colors from the presence of manganese in the stone.

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Kunzite is a popular stone because of its healing properties. Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It will calm all the noise and chaos in your life, and you will enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it. Kunzite can help you let go of your fears and worries about the future, and it will ease your sadness and anxieties in the present.

It will give you a surge of confidence to bond with people, especially new friends and colleagues. It will help break the ice, and it will help you form connections quickly. Kunzite will also restore your trust in yourself and others. All the bad experiences that you have gone through will only make you better in time.

kunzite crystal healing meaning

You will have more kindness and compassion for them, and you will be inspired to make their lives better, even in your own little way. Kunzite also has the ability to connect your heart to your mind and bring greater harmony into your life. This will always prompt you to think loving thoughts and do loving actions. Its high vibrations can help you achieve a deep and meditative state. It will inspire you to lead a healthier and better lifestyle. More importantly, it will make you see the error of your ways and correct the mistakes that you have made or are making.

Kunzite will strengthen heart muscles and boost your circulatory system. It will also be helpful to your skeletal and muscular system.

It can help you battle your addictions and your body deal with the effects of quitting your addictions. It will aid in the treatment of anemia.

Kunzite Meanings and Uses

Its energies are also good for treating any kind of inflammation or swelling. Wearing this stone will bless you with good fortune. Kunzite can help with this, but also a great deal more. Imagine if some of the greatest minds in history — Columbus, Da Vinci, Shakespeare — had listened to the negativity and put their ideas to be before their prime.

Kunzite can help you to find your own confidence to push your dreams for your career and fortune forwards, even if nobody else is backing your corner. Kunzite is a stone of romantic love, just like Love Stones. If you want to increase your chances in finding your soulmate or the love of your life, keep this stone always close to your body.

Kunzite will break down communication barriers and allow you to share anything you think or feel whenever you feel like sharing it with your loved one. It will inspire you to be a better friend and lover so that you will also build a better relationship.

Bring it with you on your first date, and you will charm the socks off anyone. If you want more confidence so that your personality will shine through, channel the energies of the Kunzite.Please check back at 3pm EST to see our brand new look! My Account. Advanced Search. Kunzite is a beautiful crystal, pure in energy and joyful in nature.

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In palest pink to light violet hues, it is a Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection, and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love. Named for the mineralogist and jeweler George Frederick Kunz who first catalogued it inKunzite is the pink to violet variety of the silicate, Spodumene.

It has a glassy transparency, and forms in flattened prismatic crystals with vertical striations. It is highly pleochroic, shifting from pale pink to light violet and even colorless, depending on the angle of observation, and though its perfect cleavage makes cutting difficult, it can be faceted into beautiful gems. Kunzite forms naturally as colorless, pink, lilac, yellow and green crystals. The yellow-green to emerald variety is known as Hiddenite, or Green Kunzite.

For its properties, see the Hiddenite page. The colorless to light yellow variety is known as Triphane, or Spodumene. See the Spodumene page. Genuine Kunzite is quite pale in color, with natural darker shades being higher in value. There are some heat-enhanced varieties on the market. All Kunzite is prone to fading in direct sunlight. Pink Kunzite is often called the Woman's Stone. It is particularly supportive for a young or first-time mother and for all single mothers, and assists human, as well as animal mothers who may have a hard time caring for their young.

It is a good stone for sleepless babies and over-active children, and is an excellent gift for girls entering puberty to help them love their changing bodies. Kunzite is an ideal crystal for children having a hard time adjusting to and functioning in life.

Its soft pink ray will bring comfort, and cleanse any auric shadows that may have accumulated from negative vibrations or situations. It is also a beneficial stone for star children or walk-ins to help them adjust to earth plane environments and energy.

Kunzite helps to relieve heartache over loss or separation, and in overcoming heartbreak after a relationship has broken down. The soothing power of Kunzite calms nervousness during an examination, interview or assessment, and is useful in situations where you cannot show irritation. In the workplace Kunzite is a protective stone when superiors bring personal dislikes or problems to work, or uses flirtation or sexual bullying as a power play.

As a travel crystal, Lilac Kunzite guards against road rage and stress while driving.

Kunzite Crystal

It also calms difficult passengers in your vehicle. Carry Lilac Kunzite when visiting locations where negative events have taken place.This light pink crystal has an energy that it aids you to resonate with love, including being able to experience the love of the Great Divine spirit.

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This stone has strong metaphysical properties that aid you to lift your mood and to help you to heal emotional problems, such as anxiety and stress. Although this article is talking about the lovely lilac or pink stones, they are a variety of Spodumene, which also comes in other colors including clear, yellow and green. The prismatic stones may be semi-translucent, clear or quite opaque. The stone may contain additional minerals that create various colors, such as manganese in the lilac and pink stones and chromium in the green stones.

Some stones may include both colors within the one specimen, as they often occur together. They may also occur in combination with Zoisite. Pendants made from these stones are very popular, as they make lovely jewelry, although it is a difficult stone to facet, as it has perfect cleavage. The green and yellow-green Kunzite stones are called Hiddenite, and these are also very lovely heart chakra and thymus or higher heart chakra based crystals.

Lilac Kunzite has a higher vibration and resonates within the third eye, crown and soul star chakras, and t he pink crystals encourage you to open yourself to unconditional love. They assist you to balance your emotions and feel more open and trusting.

Kunzite healing qualities

When you allow this vibration to help you, you may open yourself to love on all levels, including self love. They stimulate love to flow within all manner of relationships, encouraging intimate bonds as well as the connections you have with close friends and family.

They may also boost your love of nature and animals and enhance your awareness of Divine love. The feelings that this crystal generates will improve your life on many levels, as you align yourself with the energy of Universal love. As this stone contains lithium, this aids it to be calming to the emotions, so they supply an excellent means to relieve your stress. The energy of this lovely pink crystal is very heart based, and the vibration of these lovely pink crystals will open the heart in many ways.

When you become at one with the energy of Divine love, all other love in your life begins to change, as you resonate with the pure energy of the great Divine Spirit. Buy Kunzite from Exquisite Crystals, my most trusted source for buying crystals.

Joy, happiness and love will flow through your life. As this happens, loving energy will flow out from you into the world, as you go about your daily activities.

Kunzite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

As you open both your heart and your higher heart chakras, you will be open to allowing joy to flood into your being. There are many lonely people in the world, and this crystal assists you to become aware that you are never alone. As you embrace this knowledge and allow this joy and happiness to flood your being, you may also allow yourself to heal on all levels, especially emotionally. This is not only a stone for the heart chakra, but it is also a stone that resonates within the higher heart chakra.

It will also align these chakras with the throat chakra and the third eye, to help create loving thoughts and an outflow of loving communication. Many of you may have deep issues from your childhood or early life, or even past lives, that make you feel that you are unloved.

By opening up to the source of pure Divine love, you may allow yourself to heal on the deepest levels of your being. This is a strong stone that may help you to heal your inner childand release the past, and any fear based around past issues that may be holding you back. Then you may live each day like a child does, open to the enjoyment of the experiences that come your way, and naturally excited at what life offers.

It may benefit you to learn easy meditation ideasas one of the loveliest ways to use this stone is in meditation. It is a crystal that will aid you to achieve deeper states of meditation, and is a wonderful stone to use as it brings such a lovely joyful vibration through. During your meditation you may combine Kunzite with other stones to help you to make contact with spiritual beings or guides that may aid you.

During these sessions you may be aided to develop your intuition.Kunzite is charged with the energies of emotional healing and wellness. Kunzite is a crystal that is often used to balance the emotions.

kunzite crystal healing meaning

It helps to forge a bond between the heart and mind. This crystal was first discovered in Kunzite is named after George Frederick Kunz, the first person to catalog it. Its primary color can range from a subtle pink to light shades of violet. The surface of Kunzite is glassy and smooth, but vertical striations may be observed within the crystal. The color of the stone can fade when it is exposed to sunlight. It is difficult to cut, but some stones are occasionally used to create jewelry.

The acceptance of love is the primary meaning of Kunzite. It encourages one to let their guard down and embrace trust. This crystal means that you are capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. It also means that optimum living is achieved when the mind and heart commune with one another.

kunzite crystal healing meaning

The energy field of Kunzite is very pure and subtle. It embodies the attributes of pure love and complete trust. Kunzite has the ability to help an individual reach the most honest version of themselves.

kunzite crystal healing meaning

It lays bare the secrets of the heart and reveals true motives. This crystal has an ability to bring immediate comfort in times of sorrow and distress. It also has a calming influence that brings peace to the household. Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.

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Kunzite Meaning & Properties

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